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We don’t need unions? Do we need the Constitution?

Unions are no longer important?

That’s what some say, that unions were important back in the day, but they’ve out-lived their purpose. They won us reasonable work shifts, overtime pay, maternity and family leaves, sick pay, holidays, and other great stuff — but now that that’s all done we don’t really worry about losing any of that, right?

Did anybody ever make that argument when it comes to the U.S. Constitution, or the systems established by our Founding Fathers?  The Bill of Rights was a great thing, but we don’t need Congress anymore, our laws are all fine now, we can pretty much rely on momentum to keep everything on course.  After all, what could happen?

According to ABC News, Amy Zvovushe, a senior program manager with a marketing company in Connecticut, alleges the Human Resource department asked her to resign rather than providing leave after learning she was pregnant; that’s a form of discrimination that advocates say many women in the progressive, pro-family United States still face, an HR department intent on something other than helping the human resources a company has today.
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Correcting misconceptions about so-called “Right-to-Work”


Not all Minnesota nurses are union members, but because a significant portion of them are, all the RNs in Minnesota earn more than in the so-called “Right-to-Work” states on our borders. In North Dakota RNs earn less than 78% the MN average, in South Dakota it’s under 75%, and RNs in Iowa earn only about 70% what a nurse here in Minnesota earns.

That’s why the MNA and other informed groups are trying to correct misconceptions about this mis-named theory: it’s our standard of living in Minnesota that’s at stake.

Originally posted on Minnesota Nurses:

It is critical to separate fact from fiction when evaluating the so-called “Right to Work” constitutional amendment being proposed during the 2012 legislative session.

Here’s a great illustration of how the amendment could negatively impact Minnesota nurses’ salaries. Take a look:

Right to Work

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MN State Sen. Jeremy Miller of Winona gets it

Jeremy Miller on the way legislators should work

In advance of the redistricting deadline yesterday, Minnesota State Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) was described by the Winona Daily news as “increasingly reluctant to support constitutional amendments” lately favored by MN’s GOP legislative majority.

Miller seems to prefer cooperation and negotiation to brinksmanship, which shows a respect for both the legislative process and hard-working families of Minnesota who mostly find the partisan posturing and political maneuvering in St. Paul isn’t creating jobs quickly, let alone helping friends and neighbors thrive in any visible way.

“My goal this session is jobs, the economy, and making our government more effective and efficient. I’m convinced we can do that in a bipartisan way.”
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Labor in the 21st Century


Challenges face the labor movement when the GOP seems bent on destroying unions yet the Democratic Party, Labor’s most natural ally on economic and jobs issues, sometimes seems an increasingly uncertain friend.  Follow that “reblog’ link to check out the video a conversation with Professor Jason Johnson, GOP strategist J.P. Friere, and Chris Townsend, the Political Action Director for the United Electrical Workers.

Originally posted on Talking Union:

Chris Townsned, Political Action Director for the United Electrical Workers Union (UE), appeared on the February 17 “Inside Job.” Townsend not only did a great job defending unions, but had some very interesting things to say about the dilemma facing the labor movement when one party seems bent on destroying union and the other is often an uncertain and wavering ally.

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Video: what Romney doesn’t get about unions

Why is Romney union-bashing in Michigan?

RomneyThe former Governor of Massachusetts is trying to stir up resentment in Michigan – he says it was “crony capitalism” that caused Obama to give the auto companies to the UAW. That’s right, it’s not that the government bought shares in companies that used that influx of capital to save jobs and turn record profits in 2011, Romney’s saying it was some kind of back room deal to thank campaign donors that made the President somehow bamboozle the Congress into saving those jobs.

Romney was fine when Congress bailed out Wall Street bankers with no strings attached, but says GM & Chrysler should have collapsed? Seriously, Governor? That’s your idea of economic policy as we struggled with the after effects of the mortgage-crisis caused by Wall Street that dragged us into recession?

I wonder what brand of car he drives?
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