Sample Middle Class Caucus Resolution

Suitable for either the MN GOP or the DFL.

First, you really can skip the “whereas” bits if you want to, all that’s necessary for a resolution is a sentence stating what you want the party to do.  Second, this doesn’t need to be a law, let alone a Constitutional Amendment to have a lot of impact.  The Constitution is a framework for how we conduct the business of the state, but the specific rules for Minnesota have plenty of impact as regular laws, and meanwhile this is about trying to get your party to adopt a principle that will help restore the middle-class – so while you could raise it to another level, on caucus night it’s enough to introduce the idea as a part of the party platform that reminds everybody that workers matter.

Whereas Mike Rowe testified before the U.S. Congress that, “we talk about creating millions of shovel-ready jobs for a society that doesn’t really encourage people to pick up a shovel,” 


Whereas a flourishing middle class with access to job opportunities providing wages and  benefits that allow workers to thrive, prosper, and support their families, is the engine of the U.S. economy,

Be it resolved that this party immediately undertake media campaigns addressing the widening skills gap head-on, stressing the need to reconnect the country with the most important part of our workforce and re-state our appreciation of the crucial contribution of productive labor to society.

Caucuses are politics “of the People”

we talk about creating millions of shovel-ready jobs for a society that doesn’t really encourage people to pick up a shovel

Mike Rowe, of the people

This is not about smoke-filled rooms and political bosses making deals with politicians; caucusing is a process of talking with your neighbors and offering “resolutions” to the party you support to ensure they incorporate your values as they shape their platform. It may look strange from media reports, but a caucus is the very first step in guiding political parties, and not just for insiders and activists.

Still not sure you should participate on Caucus night?

The players of the NFL understand exactly what’s at stake for workers in political fights. They oppose so-called “Right-to-Work” changes as an attack on workers, because they know that it was unions that earned weekends, reasonable work hours, fair pay, and benefits such as health care, for American workers and their families. All of that is threatened when special interests try to roll back what made America great: the opportunity for middle-class workers to support their families.

This mis-named anti-free-market “Right-to-Work” for the elite 1% who earn the money is just one of the pro-corporate, anti-worker issues that will be raised at Minnesota caucuses on Feb 7, 2012. Somehow the Minnesota GOP has taken to recommending more government control, which in this case just happens to also mean less middle-class opportunity. Do you care?
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