Discovery: Machines of Glory

Watch Machines of Glory on the Discovery ChannelMachines of Glory – trailer/promo video

skid steer on the edge

Operators on the edge!

Three crews of Heavy Equipment Operators will compete for cash in excavators, backhoes and skid steers in a new series on Discovery TV called “Machines of Glory.” They’ll be challenged in speed, skill, and power. After 3 rounds one team goes home while the 2 remaining crews go head-to-head in a final challenge that involves all three machines…

The air date’s not firm, but the plan calls for three episodes to air in March according to TV Guide. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.Find us on Facebook!

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About local49

IUOE Local 49 was formed in 1927. Today we are more than 13,000 men and women in Minnesota, North and South Dakota with contracts for highway/heavy and building contractors, well drillers, equipment repair shops, welding shops, sand and gravel suppliers, counties, municipalities, hospitals, school districts, cemeteries, and more.

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  1. when does it air? thanks

    • Checked their own website just now, and a search on “Machines of Glory” doesn’t even get you a related answer, let alone anything about the series premiere, so either they’ve had weather-related production delays (hey, it’s working outdoors, right?) or maybe the answer is “nobody effin’ knows.”

      Wish we could find the answer…

  2. How can you get on machines of glory.

    • Turns out you probably had to “get on” already, as Discovery finally put the show on nearly a year later than its original scheduled premiere.

      MACHINES OF GLORY premiered at last this past Sunday, December 30, starting at 3 in the Central time zone. Tough time for NFL fans, obviously — who caught the opener? It didn’t get as much PR as lots of new shows (good grief, if I see that commercial for DALLAS about twice more…)

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