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Discovery: Machines of Glory

Watch Machines of Glory on the Discovery ChannelMachines of Glory – trailer/promo video

skid steer on the edge

Operators on the edge!

Three crews of Heavy Equipment Operators will compete for cash in excavators, backhoes and skid steers in a new series on Discovery TV called “Machines of Glory.” They’ll be challenged in speed, skill, and power. After 3 rounds one team goes home while the 2 remaining crews go head-to-head in a final challenge that involves all three machines…
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Some unions are getting better at the PR side of the equation. If you’re not familiar with John Nemos’s work for the MNA you need to check him out.

Originally posted on The Same Rowdy Crowd:

On the abortion issue, one group of advocates says “Right to Life,” the other side says “Pro-Choice” and the news media usually opts for the more neutral term, calling it a debate over “abortion rights,” or describing the protagonists as being “anti-abortion” and “pro-abortion rights.” Fair enough. On that issue, reporters have done a pretty good job of striking a balance on the language they use.

But on the top labor issue of the day, one side says “Right to Work,” the other side says “Right to Work for Less” or “union busting.” The media goes with “Right to Work.”

Pioneer Press headline: “Republicans set stage for right to work fight in Minnesota”
Star Tribune headline: “State Republicans launch right-to-work amendment”
MPR headline: “One on One: The Right to Work Amendment”

In other words, the news media is framing the issue exactly how pro-amendment spin savants want it framed.


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The Union Situation

What should be done about unions?

What have unions ever done for us?

  • Maternity leave
  • Sick leave
  • Weekends off
  • Overtime pay
  • Child Labor laws
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Workplace safety laws
  • Military leave
  • Paid holidays
The list goes on. If you want to read a longer list, not just the highlights, it’s been compiled by same people who brought that MoveOn video to our attention, the New Hampshire Labor News, for their recent article: “What Have American Unions Ever Done For Us?

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Your Voice, Your Vote, American Made Clothing

The All American Clothing Company of Arcanum, Ohio believes in supporting American workers and their families by keeping all of their manufacturing in the USA. They specialize in USA made clothes, jeans and shirts, but they’re growing…

Follow the link to vote for the new items you would like the All American Clothing company to add to their line: Your Voice, Your Vote, Right Now..

Restoring skilled manufacturing is restoring our economy

All American workers need is genuine opportunityIUOE Local 49 brass logo alternativeUnited States flag

Despite Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial, the resulting posturing from GOP insiders such as Karl Rove points out that the President will have a tough time getting political opponents to buy into anything he suggests before the November elections. Rove is upset that an actor played a role? The message about it being half-time was too inspirational for a former GOP mayor to deliver?

With about 9% of all U.S. jobs currently in manufacturing, 35% of all engineers work in manufacturing. In other words, “manufacturing firms are tightly linked to innovation in the U.S. service sector.” Getting back to high-skilled manufacturing with good paying jobs means we’ll also be supporting the engineers. That’s real value for the economy now and into the future, yet real job growth in manufacturing is hostage to political rhetoric that lately places party power above all else.

But there’s still more reason to push for recovering our manufacturing sector:

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Cell phone wallpaper: icy Local 49 on deep blue background

Download this change-of-pace, blue-green background Local 49 wallpaper image for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. and you’ll have your union connection ready to share and show off with pride. At 640×960 pixels this wallpaper will work on any smartphone up to and including the iPhone 4s.

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