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March 28, at 8:00 AM in Ways & Means, Room 200 MN State Office Building

MN State CapitolRep. Scott’s bill (HF 1476) changing the Mode to the Mean and allowing overtime only after 40 hours total in any 7-day period will be heard.

This is the bad Associated Building Contractors bill.

Business Managers and organizers are trying to get as many people as possible to attend. 49ers need to show our opposition to this yet again by turning out as many members as we possibly can on Wednesday morning.

Yes, it’s short notice – the sponsors would prefer we stay home and let them work without expressing our outrage about cutting our wages.

Background on Prevailing Wage changes is informative, but if you want to argue against it this discussion of why the changes limit the outcomes without saving money is probably the best quick read around.

Project Labor Agreements fuel success

Those “other” 49ers know how important quality work is.

There’s evidence accumulating nationwide that if you simply rely on old-school lowest bid contractors you end up going back in to fix things, which obviously drives up the costs as the video below documents.

Did you know that non-union workers participate under PLAs?

Project Labor Agreements not only provide a means to boost local hiring and career training, they’re designed to ensure the biggest, most complex jobs will get done on time, under budget, using trained, highly-skilled workers who do the work right the first time. Read the rest of this entry

President Obama’s Directive to Expedite Portion of Keystone XL Pipeline

International Union of Operating Engineers

For Immediate Release
March 22, 2012 

 Contact:   Jay Lederer (202) 778-2626 

Statement by
International Union of Operating Engineers General President James T. Callahan

President Obama’s Directive to Expedite Portion of
Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama’s announcement today that he will expedite approval for a portion of the Keystone XL pipeline is an important, albeit long overdue step towards upgrading our country’s pipeline infrastructure.  In addition, it will create the kind of high-paying, skilled jobs that are so vital to our economy.  The Operating Engineers are hopeful that today’s action by President Obama will quickly translate into real work Read the rest of this entry

IUOE will be polling randomly selected members

International Union of Operating Engineers

The International Union of Operating Engineers has contracted with a research firm to conduct a poll in order to gain insight into members’ current political outlook, including their view of the President and other political candidates, as well as 2012 voting intentions.

presidential contendersThe poll will also ask how members currently get information about union, economic and political issues, and how they want to be kept informed. There will also be some questions on employment status and job satisfaction.
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Video: Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) boost local outcomes

A Tool for Building Middle-Class Careers

Cornell University released a study which examines community benefits that follow from provisions within project labor agreements (PLAs) that encourage minorities, veterans, and women to be hired on construction projects. Community Workforce Agreements (CWAs) ensure that local community residents have the chance to earn a good living. Such Workforce Development Provisions are on the rise, and the benefits are clear.

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Video: Minneapolis Firefighter at State Capitol: Should we have a Right to Work Out?

“Right to Work” isn’t just a union issue

Right to work out?What is a “Right-to-work-out” law?

It’s really not that complicated, although the name is misleading since everybody already has a right to work out — just as we have a right to work. What the special interests are trying to do is say union membership should be free, even though currently nobody is forced to join a union, and the economic boom of the 50s and 60s followed the biggest expansion of unions in the history of the U.S.A.

Gyms charge membership fees, but you don’t have to pay if you just work out at home, or walk in the park (which tax-payers make possible, actually.)
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