MN GOP renews War on Workers § ACTION ALERT

Fast move in MN Capitol: GOP picks 2 fights with middle class

We have been trying for the last 3 months to work with Senate Republicans in the hopes that we could convince them that Right To Work and changes to Prevailing Wage were the wrong direction for Minnesota. We made the case that they were bad policies that would hurt construction workers and their families. We made the case to them that there was much we agreed on and we should focus on working together on those issues to create jobs.

Unfortunately they have chosen to pick a fight. 

The Senate Republican Caucus has scheduled a Right To Work hearing for early Monday morning, Monday, March 12th at 8am. They have also scheduled a hearing on cutting your pay by lowering overtime pay under new prevailing wage changes for the following day Tuesday, March 13th at 10am.

If you are not working – you need to be at both of these hearings. Our jobs, our wages, and our union are literally on the line. Below you will find the details of the hearings and also links to both Senate Committees where you can click on Senator’s names and get info to call and email them.

Two hearings early next week:

Right To Work Senate Hearing

Senate Judiciary Committee
Monday, March 12th
8:00 a.m. (get there early it will be packed)
Room 15 State Capitol Building

So-called “Right-to-Work” is really a right to freeload…

Even just the label, “Right to work” is very clever, but very misleading. It really has nothing to do with a right to work.

A “Right-to-Work” law seeks to prohibit what advocates label compulsory unionism… Really a big driver of this is politics rather than economics.

John Budd, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies

Prevailing Wage Hearing – changing overtime rules means cutting your pay!

Senate Jobs Committee
Tuesday, March 13th
10:00 a.m.
Room 107 State Capitol Building

REALITY CHECK: Repeal of similar laws in other states has lead to less workforce training; a younger, less-educated and less experienced workforce. Predictably the results include higher injury rates along with those lower wages and lower health and pension coverage – but no savings to the tax-payers. Prevailing wage rollbacks actually undermine outcomes where that’s been tried.

Contact information for Committee members:

Link to the Senate Judiciary Committee – click on members names to get contact info; voice your opposition to this sneaky parliamentary sleight-of-hand designed to wrestle control of a jobs-related issue out of the proper committee, and to even making it an amendment. Legislators from both parties were committed to addressing jobs through normal channels, but evidently the smell of big donors lured the author into making an end-run to advance this travesty so the vote could happen before more people understand how misleading and misguided the bill is.

Link to Senate Jobs Committee – click on members names to get contact info and contact them about why prevailing wage is a misguided idea if you can’t be on hand for the hearing (or, for that matter, even if you can!)

Here’s the good stuff on Right-to-Work, and a clear, straightforward explanation of the problem with tinkering with Prevailing Wage laws, which have been central to the way construction jobs have been working in Minnesota for decades (and don’t forget, under prevailing wage the MNDOT budget saved over $67 MILLION in 2010 by using the well-qualified operators that a fair wage attracts!)

See you Monday and Tuesday at the CapitolFind us on Facebook!

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