Like other trades, both stationary and/or hoisting/portable engineers have the benefit of an “earn while you learn” apprenticeship system.

Hours and course descriptions vary between the two classifications, but both have one common goal: to make the Operating Engineer apprentice the most knowledgeable about his/her craft. We’re proud of Local 49, we’re proud of our professionalism, and we’ll ensure you have the skill to take pride in your work.

The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees organize programs that include training both in the field and at dedicated training facilities. With new innovations being introduced every day, these programs are constantly retooling to make our apprentices smarter, safer, and more productive, to ready them for today’s contractors.

Competitive starting wages and progressive wage increases enhance the Operating Engineer apprenticeship programs and add to the apprenticeship goal of “earn while you learn.”

At Local 49 we operate a huge year-round indoor Training Center staffed with the best in the trade – we’re committed to the best possible educational opportunities for you! Whether you are sure of your educational goals, or still undecided, The Local 49 Training Center is a great place to start your future. We are a comprehensive educational facility located in Hinckley, Minnesota.

Local 49 Training Center

Click for more views from Local 49 Training, in Hinckley MN

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