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Unions are good for economic recovery and growth

U.S. economic boom of 1950s followed greatest sustained union expansion in American history.

It is no accident that the prosperity and consumer boom of the 1950s – a period of unprecedented middle class expansion, broad business growth, increased home ownership, rising consumer spending, and the shared expectation that a college education was within the reach of everyone and that the lives of our children would be better than our own – followed the greatest sustained expansion of unionization in American history.
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Video: what Romney doesn’t get about unions

Why is Romney union-bashing in Michigan?

RomneyThe former Governor of Massachusetts is trying to stir up resentment in Michigan – he says it was “crony capitalism” that caused Obama to give the auto companies to the UAW. That’s right, it’s not that the government bought shares in companies that used that influx of capital to save jobs and turn record profits in 2011, Romney’s saying it was some kind of back room deal to thank campaign donors that made the President somehow bamboozle the Congress into saving those jobs.

Romney was fine when Congress bailed out Wall Street bankers with no strings attached, but says GM & Chrysler should have collapsed? Seriously, Governor? That’s your idea of economic policy as we struggled with the after effects of the mortgage-crisis caused by Wall Street that dragged us into recession?

I wonder what brand of car he drives?
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Your Voice, Your Vote, American Made Clothing

The All American Clothing Company of Arcanum, Ohio believes in supporting American workers and their families by keeping all of their manufacturing in the USA. They specialize in USA made clothes, jeans and shirts, but they’re growing…

Follow the link to vote for the new items you would like the All American Clothing company to add to their line: Your Voice, Your Vote, Right Now..


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