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MN Congressman Ellison introduces Financial Transaction Tax bill to U.S. House

MN Rep Keith Ellison introduces Robin Hood TaxMinnesota Rep. Keith Ellison introduced a bill in Congress this week that would restore a tiny tax on Wall Street trades – a “Financial Transaction Tax” or FTT also called the Robin Hood tax in some circles, including by the Nurse’s union that has been pushing on behalf of the middle class.

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Beyond Outrage at Politicians: No More “Politics As Usual”

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich sees a problem.

And he’s right when he says that our economy has been rigged against average working people. The media gets more from their advertisers when they talk about who’s up or down, who’s winning or losing; their income benefits from focusing on the controversial, provocative moments that they use to define campaigns and politicians – but that isn’t the same as providing fair, balanced, accurate, complete information to us.

Elections are about winning. They don’t test the skills and aptitude needed to govern effectively, but rather the skills to manage and control what the media says, because that’s all most voters have to go on when making their choices. Read the rest of this entry

Video: what Romney doesn’t get about unions

Why is Romney union-bashing in Michigan?

RomneyThe former Governor of Massachusetts is trying to stir up resentment in Michigan – he says it was “crony capitalism” that caused Obama to give the auto companies to the UAW. That’s right, it’s not that the government bought shares in companies that used that influx of capital to save jobs and turn record profits in 2011, Romney’s saying it was some kind of back room deal to thank campaign donors that made the President somehow bamboozle the Congress into saving those jobs.

Romney was fine when Congress bailed out Wall Street bankers with no strings attached, but says GM & Chrysler should have collapsed? Seriously, Governor? That’s your idea of economic policy as we struggled with the after effects of the mortgage-crisis caused by Wall Street that dragged us into recession?

I wonder what brand of car he drives?
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America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh: Save Unions, including Teachers & Police

John Walsh says it better than most people; the assault on unions is misguided.

We’ve got to speak up.

A Nightmare On Wall Street

Do you YouTube?With launch of the Protest in the USA site, National Nurses United is premiering a two-minute video ad, “A Nightmare on Wall Street,” depicting a Wall Street executive’s imagined encounter with those who lost jobs, homes, businesses, educational opportunity, and retirement accounts as a result of Wall Street’s misdeeds and “too-big-to-fail” government policies.
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