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Cell phone wallpaper: icy Local 49 on deep blue background

Download this change-of-pace, blue-green background Local 49 wallpaper image for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. and you’ll have your union connection ready to share and show off with pride. At 640×960 pixels this wallpaper will work on any smartphone up to and including the iPhone 4s.

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cell images: metallic 49 on wood

IUOE Local 49A simple, low-tech looking wallpaper for your high-tech smartphone. Scaled to fit iPhone and Androids perfectly, it will work on any device. Just pick the better one from the two choices below, load onto your phone, and you’re good to go.

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cell wallpaper: IUOE Local 49 was founded in 1927

thumbnail of IUOE Local 49 historyHere’s a smartphone treat for members…

of Local 49 proud of our long tradition and heritage, a simple gold statement of how long we’ve been looking out for workers and their families, plus an unadorned version of the same wallpaper. So no matter what smartphone you use, you have a choice.

Suggestion: you can use one version on your lock screen, then the plain, “uncluttered” version as your regular wallpaper.
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cell phone wallpaper for 2012: Gold 49

49er cell phone wallpapers

49 in 2012

Looking for an updated wallpaper for your smartphone? Pick from two perfectly-scaled images suitable for your Android or iPhone (especially the lock screen, where icons don’t clutter up the design.)

Of course, they work for other places and other phones, too, but the 480×800 is an exact fit for your Android phone, while iPhone users will probably prefer the 480×960 pixel version.

Cast from gold, show off your pride in Local 49…
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cell images: Caterpillar cab for IUOE Local 49

49 Cat 340DL Interior

49 Cat 340DL Interior

Zielger is the MN Cat dealerThe view out from the cab of a Caterpillar. Nothing says Heavy Equipment quite the way a Cat™ does.

Now it’s easy to put on your Android, iPhone, etc., and show your 49er pride.
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cell phone image: 49 in brass on blue-to-black granite

A simple Local 49 logoThis simple image is available in two sizes that work nicely with iPhones (640×960) and Androids (480×800) as well as other smartphones. Pick whichever size suits you.
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