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MN State Sen. Jeremy Miller of Winona gets it

Jeremy Miller on the way legislators should work

In advance of the redistricting deadline yesterday, Minnesota State Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) was described by the Winona Daily news as “increasingly reluctant to support constitutional amendments” lately favored by MN’s GOP legislative majority.

Miller seems to prefer cooperation and negotiation to brinksmanship, which shows a respect for both the legislative process and hard-working families of Minnesota who mostly find the partisan posturing and political maneuvering in St. Paul isn’t creating jobs quickly, let alone helping friends and neighbors thrive in any visible way.

“My goal this session is jobs, the economy, and making our government more effective and efficient. I’m convinced we can do that in a bipartisan way.”
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Public scorn for U.S. House GOP posturing leads to last minute tax deal

Boehner said the Senate tax-cut bill won’t pass – public outcry results in House GOP retreat

Thursday media coverage of the payroll tax cut extension coverage was at a fever pitch—even outlets that usually criticize Obama Administration rhetoric, goals, vision, and economic policy were calling out the partisan posturing from the House GOP caucus.
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Straight talk about the Keystone XL Oil pipeline

Keystone delay has Canada pondering China oil deal

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Monday he had concerns the $7-billion Keystone XL pipeline might not win political approval in the U.S., and added that Canada should be looking outside the United States for markets.

“I am very serious about selling our oil off this continent, selling our energy products off to Asia. I think we have to do that.”
Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
via CTV National News

Common sense tells us that we’re not done using oil in the U.S., let alone the rest of the world. We have a ways to go to convert, although alternative fuels, wind turbines, and solar arrays are starting to have an impact. We know, and both pundits and politicians talk about, the critical nature of energy independence, and there’s no question that Canadian oil reserves are a strategic asset for North America.
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Has the U.S. House of Representatives lost its collective mind?

Boehner says the Senate tax-cut bill won’t pass…

Well this took an unexpected turn, with House Republicans apparently deciding to ask for even more.

Saturday morning 89 Senators had supported ta stop-gap deal, which included extending the tax cuts, a so-called “Doc fix” regarding Medicare payment rates, unemployment insurance, and the Keystone decision acceleration which House Speaker John Boehner insisted had to be in the final bill, but with the Senate already gone from DC but now evidently Boehner doesn’t think it’s worth bringing the measure up for a vote.

In our opinion:
Stay tuned. Gridlock has become more common in DC, obviously. But: Odds of the GOP letting the tax cut expire because the House GOP caucus isn’t communicating effectively just aren’t worth betting on – John Boehner has been in politics a long time, and he knows this would look really, really bad to most of us.

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