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Healthier Health Care: Local 49 makes the news

Dylan Ratigan

You may have noticed the AFL-CIO featured the remarkable story of Local 49’s health care success in a recent “innovators” article, “Bending the Health Care Cost Curve chart of costs.” If so, you’re not alone – that coverage of our methods for controlling health care costs drew the attention of MS-NBC’s Dylan Ratigan, and on April 9th Ratigan invited Health Fund Coordinator Martha LaFave and recently retired Trustee Jim Hansen to tell the story on national TV.

The truth is the “changes” are pretty common-sense to anybody who has to cover the costs. Martha and Jim were glad to have the opportunity to share the story of how focusing on evidence, prevention, and understanding who pays the bill has led to remarkable reductions in the cost of keeping 30,000 people healthy.

Here’s the video from Monday afternoon’s appearance:  Read the rest of this entry


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