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Restoring skilled manufacturing is restoring our economy

All American workers need is genuine opportunityIUOE Local 49 brass logo alternativeUnited States flag

Despite Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial, the resulting posturing from GOP insiders such as Karl Rove points out that the President will have a tough time getting political opponents to buy into anything he suggests before the November elections. Rove is upset that an actor played a role? The message about it being half-time was too inspirational for a former GOP mayor to deliver?

With about 9% of all U.S. jobs currently in manufacturing, 35% of all engineers work in manufacturing. In other words, “manufacturing firms are tightly linked to innovation in the U.S. service sector.” Getting back to high-skilled manufacturing with good paying jobs means we’ll also be supporting the engineers. That’s real value for the economy now and into the future, yet real job growth in manufacturing is hostage to political rhetoric that lately places party power above all else.

But there’s still more reason to push for recovering our manufacturing sector:

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Obama insourcing initiative: bring jobs back to USA

U.S. President Barack H. ObamaPresident Obama’s “In-Sourcing” Push to Bring Jobs Back to U.S. Means Eliminating Certain Corporate Tax Breaks

The U.S. economy “has the most productive workers, best universities, and most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the world,” Obama said.
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IUOE’s Griffin to join NLRB

International Union of Operating EngineersObama appoints IUOE General Counsel Richard Griffin to National Labor Relations Board

IUOE General Counsel Richard Griffin

The White House has said that the General Counsel of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Richard Griffin, formerly counsel to the NLRB Board members ,is one of three new “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made by President Obama. The opposition party is protesting vehemently, claiming the Senate has not officially recessed but most members are merely away from D.C. and home for the holidays.

Joining Griffin with new appointments to the Board are Sharon Block, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs at the federal Department of Labor, and Terence F. Flynn, Chief Counsel to NLRB member Brian Hayes.

IUOE President James T. Callahan says Griffin is, highly respected by lawyers on both the labor and business side of labor law,” and has substantial experience in employment law; as a former trustee of the IUOE’s central pension fund, Richard Griffin has extensive experience safeguarding the interests of employers and employees alike.
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Public scorn for U.S. House GOP posturing leads to last minute tax deal

Boehner said the Senate tax-cut bill won’t pass – public outcry results in House GOP retreat

Thursday media coverage of the payroll tax cut extension coverage was at a fever pitch—even outlets that usually criticize Obama Administration rhetoric, goals, vision, and economic policy were calling out the partisan posturing from the House GOP caucus.
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