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Video: Minneapolis Firefighter at State Capitol: Should we have a Right to Work Out?

“Right to Work” isn’t just a union issue

Right to work out?What is a “Right-to-work-out” law?

It’s really not that complicated, although the name is misleading since everybody already has a right to work out — just as we have a right to work. What the special interests are trying to do is say union membership should be free, even though currently nobody is forced to join a union, and the economic boom of the 50s and 60s followed the biggest expansion of unions in the history of the U.S.A.

Gyms charge membership fees, but you don’t have to pay if you just work out at home, or walk in the park (which tax-payers make possible, actually.)
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So-called “Right-to-Work” is Wrong for Minnesota

Does “free benefits” sound “too good to be true” to you?

When we get offered “free legal representation” if we cannot afford it, the GOVERNMENT pays, it’s not free.

When the people who don’t want to pay for union benefits stay at a union site, they choose to do so, they are not forced, but you can bet MN taxpayers don’t want to spend tax dollars paying for their benefits – so why should the Minnesota government force unions to pay for non-members health care or pension? Doesn’t sound fair, let alone very free-market to me.

Would those who say unions were important “back in the day,” but we don’t need them anymore also say that about the U.S. Constitution? The “Bill of Rights” assures me the right to associate with others. Evidently that offends certain extremists who prefer to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” because of some past offenses.  The United States government isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best system anywhere.  Read the rest of this entry

MN GOP renews War on Workers § ACTION ALERT

Fast move in MN Capitol: GOP picks 2 fights with middle class

We have been trying for the last 3 months to work with Senate Republicans in the hopes that we could convince them that Right To Work and changes to Prevailing Wage were the wrong direction for Minnesota. We made the case that they were bad policies that would hurt construction workers and their families. We made the case to them that there was much we agreed on and we should focus on working together on those issues to create jobs.

Unfortunately they have chosen to pick a fight.  Read the rest of this entry

Correcting misconceptions about so-called “Right-to-Work”


Not all Minnesota nurses are union members, but because a significant portion of them are, all the RNs in Minnesota earn more than in the so-called “Right-to-Work” states on our borders. In North Dakota RNs earn less than 78% the MN average, in South Dakota it’s under 75%, and RNs in Iowa earn only about 70% what a nurse here in Minnesota earns.

That’s why the MNA and other informed groups are trying to correct misconceptions about this mis-named theory: it’s our standard of living in Minnesota that’s at stake.

Originally posted on Minnesota Nurses:

It is critical to separate fact from fiction when evaluating the so-called “Right to Work” constitutional amendment being proposed during the 2012 legislative session.

Here’s a great illustration of how the amendment could negatively impact Minnesota nurses’ salaries. Take a look:

Right to Work

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Some unions are getting better at the PR side of the equation. If you’re not familiar with John Nemos’s work for the MNA you need to check him out.

Originally posted on The Same Rowdy Crowd:

On the abortion issue, one group of advocates says “Right to Life,” the other side says “Pro-Choice” and the news media usually opts for the more neutral term, calling it a debate over “abortion rights,” or describing the protagonists as being “anti-abortion” and “pro-abortion rights.” Fair enough. On that issue, reporters have done a pretty good job of striking a balance on the language they use.

But on the top labor issue of the day, one side says “Right to Work,” the other side says “Right to Work for Less” or “union busting.” The media goes with “Right to Work.”

Pioneer Press headline: “Republicans set stage for right to work fight in Minnesota”
Star Tribune headline: “State Republicans launch right-to-work amendment”
MPR headline: “One on One: The Right to Work Amendment”

In other words, the news media is framing the issue exactly how pro-amendment spin savants want it framed.


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The 2 problems with “Right-to-Work” laws

Not paying union dues?
Better than the mythical free lunch, right?

According to Ron Klain, writing at, the tempting-sounding so-called “Right-to-Work Laws Won’t Bring Back Manufacturing.” Why? As Klain, a senior executive with a private investment firm, explains, “There are two problems with right-to-work laws as simple solutions for our manufacturing woes: They aren’t right and they don’t work.”

Don't buy Right-to-Work; it's a lie!Regardless of how you feel about unions, the unfairness of this legislation should offend you.

Klain uses a different metaphor than our favorite “Right to Work Out” explanation, but regardless of whether you think such legislation is aimed at undermining either unions or the desire of anyone to pay their fair share, the bottom line is Read the rest of this entry

Sample Middle Class Caucus Resolution

Suitable for either the MN GOP or the DFL.

First, you really can skip the “whereas” bits if you want to, all that’s necessary for a resolution is a sentence stating what you want the party to do.  Second, this doesn’t need to be a law, let alone a Constitutional Amendment to have a lot of impact.  The Constitution is a framework for how we conduct the business of the state, but the specific rules for Minnesota have plenty of impact as regular laws, and meanwhile this is about trying to get your party to adopt a principle that will help restore the middle-class Read the rest of this entry


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